Hey Everyone,Come by and see Katherine Monroe’s series titled “Effulgent” on the second floor of the Fine Art Building at UALR. Katherine is one of our photography majors, and this work is from her Advanced Projects course in which she played with long exposures and painting with light.


Hello Everybody! It has been a great and extremely busy semester for us in the photography area. All of our 8 photography courses are in full swing and some awesome work is being done. I am currently working on figuring out how to put a slide show of our students work into WordPress and on our UALR website, so bear with me.

The new 7 station Advanced Digital Photography Studio is working well and and we received a grant to purchase some Wacom pen tablets (can’t wait to get those dudes in).

Another bit of news from the photo area, we have two of our photo emphasis students, Kari Austin & Sarah Maxim, graduating this semester. I will post more about their shows and work here in the next few days.

The last tidbit of information is to let you all know that the Spring 2010 Photography Course Schedule is now online. So go check it out and sign up for some photo classes. There really is something for everybody, so hope to see everyone in class this spring!

To see the schedule, click here: Spring 2010 Photography Course Schedule

UALR Department of Art’s Photography Area is excited to announce a wonderful addition to its digital photography facilities. This Fall, our advanced photography students will have access to our new Advanced Digital Photography Lab. The lab includes 7 new 20″ iMacs, 3 Epson V700 scanners, and a new Epson 4880 17″ wide printer. The new lab will also serve as a classroom for certain advanced courses when the main 15 station Digital Photography Lab is occupied.

David Mann has a solo exhibition that opens this Friday, July 10, from 5 till 8 PM at the Arkansas Studies Institute located at 401 President Clinton Avenue. The exhibition features his extensive series of rural churches in Arkansas. Carefully composed and crafted, these large-format photographs exemplify the expressive aspects of the documentary tradition. David is currently an Adjunct Instructor in our photo program.David Mann "Walnut Bottom"

If you are interestd in contemporary portraiture, you must check out the the latest  edition of “Purpose” online photography magazine. It does have some funky music. So if you are not into a zen-like experience with your images, go ahead and turn the volume down. http://www.purpose.fr/purpose8.html